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Project Experience

We have a wide variety of industry experience including the financial, insurance, retail, communications, and medical industry.  This experience includes fortune 100 companies to those in the small business sector.  We specialize in building applications using .NET technologies including C#, VB, and C++.

Our experience in the medical industry includes the HL7 document convention, ASTM protocol, and laboratory diagnostic workflow process in a Laboratory Information System (LIS/LIMS) enviornment. We have knowledge of the diagnostic laboratory environment utilizing the ASTM protocol to communicate with lab instruments, and HL7 in the interchange of diagnostic results and test ordering within a laboratory/clinic network. 

We have extensive experience using the AdvancedMD © Practice Management System API to interface with many different EHR and LIS/LIMS sytems.  Interfaces include bidirectional and unidirectional HL7 interfaces to exchange billing, demographics, and scheduling information.

Following are some of our projects:

Designed, coded, and implemented a new LIS/LIMS (Laboratory Information System) from the ground up.  LIS/LIMS provides workflow, imaging, billing, and diagnostic management for entire process from point-of-care to diagnostic report delivery for clinics and patients in Texas and 43 US States.  System is used for diagnosing and delivering Anatomical Pathology, Cytology, Clinical STD, and Chemistry results.

LIS/LIMS client application is coded in Microsoft Visual Studio utilizing C# .NET, VB .NET and Visual Studio 6.0 C++.  Database is implemented using Microsoft SQL Server.  Web Site for ordering tests, patient management, and report delivery is coded in ASP.NET utilizing C# and VB languages.  Extensive use of Adobe AcroLib Imaging Library for PDF generation, printing, and manipulation for maintaining a portable graphic format for Web report delivery, as well as internal document imaging as related to workflow.  LIS interface with laboratory instruments is accomplished by C# applications that utilize bidirectional ASTM protocol.

  • Extensive use of ASTM protocol and IP/Serial interface for interfacing laboratory instruments with LIS/LIMS.  Analyzer types include Digene, Aptima, Focal Point, Vitros 5,1, Vitros ECiQ, Sysmex 2000i, Sysmex 1000i, AMAX Destiny, Vitek, and ISTAT portable analyzer.  Designed and coded reusable components around the ASTM protocol that can support a variety of laboratory instrument manufacturers.
  • Utilized ASP.NET Web Services for communication with remote Pathology Laboratory client application.  Used Web Services to implement a component called Express Reports that automatically delivers diagnostic reports to the laboratory clinic network.
  • Interfaced reference laboratories by writing applications and components using HL7 format.  Delivered laboratory orders via HL7 interface, and accepted HL7 documents for generating reports and updating LIS information.
  • Designed, coded, and implemented Web Site using ASP.NET and VB .NET and C# .NET.  Web Site is used for management of patients, test ordering, supply orders, result delivery, and presentation of monthly statistical reports.  Web is tightly coupled with the client SQL Server database.
  • Designed and coded Histology client application used in remote location by several Pathologists for managing workflow and diagnosing cases.  This application is tighlty coupled with the main client application via extensive use of Web Services.  Utilized VBA and Microsoft Word to create patient reports for the Histology application.
  • Integrated barcode scanning and printing technology throughout the application.  Once specimen is received in laboratory it is tracked and processed via the attached 128C barcode label.



Designed and coded a 2009 - 2011 rewrite of a previous suite of applications from a 2001 project. My role was a developer on with the State of Rhode Island Legislature 2001 project.  The new .NET applications include a workflow application called Rhode Island Legislative Management System (LMS), and a Bill Drafting application. The ASP.NET Web Site that allows public access to the State Legislature, as well as internal management functions including legislative calendar and agenda business process.
The internal client applications (LMS) were coded in Microsoft Visual Studio C#. The Web applications were coded in C# utilizing the .NET framework. The Bill Drafting application utilizes a mix of VB 6.0, Visual C++, and Microsoft Word VBA to create and manage documents in the MS Word envirnonment.

  • Designed and implement SQL Server 2005 database, and coded stored procedures.
  • Coded integrated Web Site in C# ASP.NET to consume and update data from the client applications. Web Site is also used to update and maintain Legislative Calendars and well as display legislative proceedings to the general public.
  • Extensive use of C# in the VS environment to develop legislative workflow applications and the supporting class libraries used by the various applications.
  • Utilized and coded VBA components used in MS Word to create the legislative documents. Considerable inter-process communications is required between Word and client components utilizing an XML document architecture.



Developer on a multi-year project to migrate Pillsbury's Specifications and Recipe system (REX) from an IBM Mainframe envionment to a Windows based client server system. The REX system manages all aspects of the manufacture, quality control, and distribution of Pillsbury food products.

Project also involved moving Pillsbury Recipe System from existing TextDBMS IMB Mainframe application to client server environment utilizing Visual Basic client and Oracle System 7.

The system was written in Borland C++ and Visual Basic with extensive use of IBM MQ Series to communicate with the IBM mainframe, as well as remote plants and other facilities. IBM Mainframe was utilized as the server in the REX architecture.

  • Designed and coded framework components and client applications utilizing Borland C++.
  • Utilized IBM MQ Series client components to communicate with the mainframe via SGML documents when calling COBOL access routines.
  • Coded many utility applications in Microsoft Visual Basic.
  • Designed and coded a recipe conversion system to import all recipe documention from mainframe and create a new system utilizing and Oracle System 7 database.



Lead developer on the Insurance in a Day project (IAD). Project streamlined the insurance application and issue process for American Express Financial Advisors in their Minneapolis Minnesota corporate headquarters. This was a multi-million dollar project with several full time devopers and testing staff. 

In addition to the IAD project I was a developer on another project where my responsibilities were to code insurance and financial planning illustration presentation software utilized by the American Express Financial Advisor field sales organization.
The system was written in Visual Basic and Microsoft Visual C++ and migrated data from mainframe to Oracle System 7 database utilizing client server architecture.
  • Designed and and coded client applications, and reusable compenents in Visual Basic and Microsoft Visual C++.
  • Coded stored procedures and assisted in the design of the Oracle database.
  • Responsible for day to day supervision of several developers on the IAD team in addition to my own coding duties.



Developer on a multi-million dollar imaging and workflow project for Lutheran Brotherhood Insurance Company in their Minneapolis Minnesota headquarters. The new system implemented a paperless workflow system for use in their entire insurance and mutual fund businesses. Our development effors moved much of the insurance and annuity processing from an IBM mainframe to a client server environment.

The new system also included significant cash processing and imaging to introduce lock box payments into the workflow system and apply appropriate account credits and debits.
The system was written in Microsoft Visual C++ with some client components in Visual Basic.  Microsoft SQL Server was used as the database, and Staffware was used as the workflow engine and for the document repository.
  • Designed and and coded client applications, and reusable compenents in Microsoft Visual C++.
  • Coded scanning and imaging system for indexing documents.
  • Designed and coded an image processing and indexing application for the Cash Project. Applications and batch processes were used to image checks, read MICR data and assign to correct workflow queues.



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