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Clinical Laboratory LIS/LIMS development and ASTM laboratory instrument interface.

Developing a clinical LIMS requires a particular attention to detail and careful coding due to the life critical nature of processing and delivering laboratory results. In addition the interface of laboratory intsruments requires the same care to ensure that the results leaving the instrument are the results that are reported by the LIS. We take our responsibility in crafting your system seriously and apply a best practice methodology to insure you have a system that you can trust. Utilizing contemporary Microsoft .NET development tools we can provide a solid platform and state-of-the-art tools to bring your system on-line very quickly.

Some Laboratory Instruments Interfaced:

Vitros 250
  • Vitros ECI
  • Vitros 5,1 Hematology
  • Vitros Fusion
  • Sysmex 1000i
  • Sysmex 2000i
  • AMAX Destiny
  • Vitek Microbiology
  • Beckman Coulter AU480
  • Cobas 4800
  • ISTAT Portable Analyzer
  • Dimension RXL Hematology
  • PACE
  • Genprobe Panther
  • Digene
  • Drew D3 Hematology
  • POCH 100i Hematology
  • Hitachi CLA 1
  • Beckman Coulter AU680
  • Biosite Triage
  • Piccolo Xpress
  • Urisys 1100
  • Clinitek Status
  • Cobas C111
  • Advantus
  • Focal Point
  • Remisol 2000 Advance

Our experience includes extensive ASTM protocol and the various proprietary protocols used by many instruments. Physical layer interface from lab computer to lab instrument includes both serial port and TCP/IP interface with LIS. We've never met a lab instrument that we can't interface!

We have extensive experience in ASTM, HL7, and proprietary document conventions. In addition we understand CAP, CLIA as well as HIPAA requirements and can assist you with compliance. We can assist in all facets of LIMS development:

Interface Lab Instruments

Web Results Delivery and Test Ordering

Multi-User LIS

Remote/Internal Report and Document Delivery

Handheld Device Interface


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