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Specializing in HL7 interfaces, ASTM laboratory instrument interfaces, and clinical laboratory LIS/LIMS systems development. Expert at interfacing laboratory instruments with LIS/LIMS utilizing ASTM, HL7, XML, and other protocols. We've never met a lab instrument we can't interface!

Based in the San Antonio Texas area specializes in providing remote software development by experienced US software developers at competitive rates provide the talent to get the project done right, and without many of the communication issues that have a negative impact on so many software projects. With high speed Internet we can provide offsite development as if we are sitting in a cubicle right beside you.

Whether you are in Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio Texas, or anywhere in the U.S. we would welcome an opportunity to discuss your next project. Rest assured that wiith us you won't get a programmer that is "learning on the job" at your expense. Based in the San Antonio Texas area we have extensive project experience both here in Texas and Nationwide.  We are proud of our client list which includes companies like American Express, ATT, General Mills, Target Stores, Clinical Laboratories, and State Legislative Bodies.  We specialize in client server, Web, and ASTM and HL7 interfaces with an empahasis on Microsoft .NET technologies. Our consultants have a wide range of systems experience including the healthcare, financial, insurance, and retail industries.

While we specialize in Microsoft Visual Studio C#, VB, C++, and ASP .NET technologies, we have experience integrating these state-of-the-art tools with existing legacy applications. Much of our contemporary project experience includes developing and deploying ASP .NET XML and JSON RESTful web services that integrate with C# and VB .NET client applications as consumers of enterprise data. These contemporary tools allow your enterprise to rapidly deploy distributed solutions on top of your legacy application layer.

Our web development experience includes development of rich data driven applications providing life critical laboratory results to caregivers and patients.  Our focus is ASP .NET and PHP utilizing HTML 5 and AJAX methodologies for a efficient and responsive web experience.  This coupled with our experience deploying XML and JSON RESTful web services to be consumed by desktop, mobile, or web applications can deliver a high performance web solution for your business.

Our team has extensive experience in the Clinical Laboratory LIS / LIMS environment developing and deploying complex desktop and web based applications.  This experience includes design and development of LIS systems as well as extensive interfacing with laboratory instruments via ASTM and HL7 protocol. We also have extensive experience interfacing EHR and EMR systems with the AdvancedMD ® Practice Management System API for billing and scheduling. We understand CAP, CLIA as well as HIPAA requirements and can assist you with compliance.

A word about legacy applications...while .NET is the most contemporary programming environment we can support or migrate your existing applications. If you need a programmer for a Visual Basic 6, Visual C++ 6 Win32 application, or Borland C++ project we can provide that expertise. 

We are not the usual staffing company that hires anyone who claims to have experience in what our clients' need.  We only have experienced software developers on staff...in fact our two senior partners have combined development experience of over 40 years.  Programming is a skill that requires a certain aptitude and drive to become a top notch application developer.  The best programmers are passionate about their craft, and can do the work of several mediocre developers while providing a better and more maintainable software solution.

The old 80/20 rule applies to software developers as well as other professionals, and it is generally true that 20% of the developers do 80% of the work!

We would welcome an opportunity to speak with you regarding any project you may have.  We believe in building relationships by exceeding your expectations...put your trust in us and we'll work hard to keep it.

For more information please feel free to call (830) 522-5897 or use our contact page.


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