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Code Library and Examples

Welcome to our code library.  This section contains sample code and discussions on various topics as related to programming.  The samples are provided "as is" and no warranty is implied.  These samples are provided by our developers for inter-company use as well as helping out our fellow programmers.  You will find examples in .NET C#, VB, ASP.NET, as well as C++ and VB Win32.

This section is a work in progress...

.NET Examples
Win32 Examples
Web Examples

LIS / LIMS Development, ASTM Interface LIS / LIMS, HL7 and ASTM
LIS / LIMS Development
ASTM Instrument Interface
HL7 Interfaces
EHR/EMR Interfaces

Visual Studio C#, VB, C++, ASP .NET
Enterprise Grade Applications
Microsoft Visual Studio ®
C#, VB, C++, .NET

ASP .NET and AJAX Website Development
Website Development
RESTful Web Services
JSON, SOAP, XML Services
Rich Data Driven Web Apps

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