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Meet Our Senior Partner

Skills; C#.NET, VB.NET, ASP.NET, Visual C++, SQL Server, SQL, HL7, and ASTM

First of all I'd like to welcome you to our site, and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.

My current emphasis is in Microsoft .NET technologies including C#, VB, C++,  ASP .NET, and Microsoft SQL Server. Recent project experience include LIS development for clinical laboratories with a great deal of experience in interfacing laboratory instruments using ASTM, HL7 and other protocols. My experience also includes building rich data driven web sites for remote clinics and caregivers to receive test results, order tests, and manage their patients.

Additional projects include HL7 interfaces between EHR, LIS/LIMS, and AdvancedMD ® Practice Management software (PM). These projects include:
  • Integrations with various EHR and LIS/LIMS sytem providing inbound charge interfaces utilizing HL7 and other proprietary file formats.
  • Interfaces with various EHR systems that provide demographics and scheduling funtionality between PM system and EHR. These integration have used HL7 and vendor specific API means of communications.
  • ASP.NET web portal applications that allow patients to schedule appointments directly on the PM scheduler.

LIS/LIMS development is my passion, especially the challenges involved with communicating lab results and test orders between various disparate systems. Building HL7 and ASTM interfaces, and Web Services to provide data exchange between separate systems in just flat out fun!
I have been in the software development business since 1991, and following are a few projects that I have been involved in:

  •   - Developed under a confidential intellectual property consulting agreement for a laboratory instrument manufacturer. Designed and developed an instrument side bi-directional ASTM interface for a flow cytometry diagnostic instrument. Interface implemented ASTM E 1381-91 low level protocol, and ASTM E 1394-97 high level protocol. Software is shipped with each laboratory instrument as part of the instrument's on-board software that allows a laboratory to interface with the instrument using ASTM protocol. Project was architected as a .NET class library, coded in VS C# providing the interface between the flow cytometry instrument management software and a laboratory LIS system via physical communication layers including serial and IP configurations. Project also included a LIS test bed application to simulate LIS/LIMS functionality to use during testing and validation of ASTM interface.
  •   - A diagnostic laboratory that performs Cytology, Histology, Clinical, and Chemistry screening and testing.  Designed and developed a new web based order requisition system for ordering diagnostic tests.  Coded the client applications in VS C#. Interfaced several laboratory insturments using ASTM and other protocols via serial and IP connections. Extensive use of Web Services to integrate remote laboratory locations, and for automated diagnostic report delivery to clinic network. Also coded and deployed a billing interface with Cytocheck's LIS system and their AdvancedMD © Practice Management system that imported charge, insurance, and demographics information in order to submit claims.
  •   - Designed and coded a web based LIS for clinical laboratories and physician office laboratories (POL). Applications and class libraries coded in MS Visual Studio C#, website developed in ASP .NET (C#). Created custom laboratory instrument interfaces that transmit test results to web server utilizing web services. Interfaced laboratory instruments using ASTM and other protocols using a physical layer of serial and IP communication. LIS website allows clinics to manager patients, order tests, manage QC tests, and display and print laboratory results. 
  • State of Rhode Island Legislature - Developer on the Bill Drafting project for the State Legislature.  Designed and coded a new bill drafting application utilized by the Legislative staff to draft, edit and enroll new bills through the RI State House and Senate.  Coded client apps in Visual Basic 6.0 and MS Word utilizing extensive VBA to automate the drafting process.  Built COM compnonents in Visual C++ 6.0, and implemented SQL Server database.  Developed Web Site to view and track bill drafting progress, and display bills once enrolled into law.
  • State of Rhode Island Legislature - Developer in a 2009-2011 rewrite of the previously detailed application utilizing Visual Studio .NET. Client and web applications coded in C#. Database converted to a multi-year format and moved from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2005.
  • ATT Corporation, Midwest Region - Designed and coded an activity/contact management application for ATT sales reps in the 5 state midwest region.  Used Microsoft Visual Basic and Microsoft C++.
  • Americal Express Financial Advisors - Lead programmer on the "Insurance in a Day" project.  This multi-million dollar project migrated the insurance processing workflow from the mainframe to a client server environment.  The client components were written in Visual Basic with COM components written in Visual C++.  The database was implemented in Oracle System 7.
  • Pillsbury Corporation - Developer on the "Rex" project in the Pillsbury R&D division.  The product specification system which controlled all aspects of Pillsbury food products existed on an IBM mainframe.  Our project migrated the various components into a client server environment utilizing the DB2 mainframe database as the server.  I coded the client applications and framework in Borland C++ and Visual Basic.  Implemented a new middleware layer utilizing IBM MQ Series and Borland C++.
  • Lutheran Brotherhood Insurance Company - Developer on a multi-million dollar project to streamline and update the imaging and workflow for this insurance company, and complete migration to client server from mainframe environment (seems like a pattern here...).  Project based on a Staffware workflow model.  Coded several applications and framework components in Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0.  Coded client UI applications in Visual Basic 6.0. Our database was migrated from the IBM Mainframe to SQL Server.

These are some of the projects that I have been fortunate enough to have been involved in.  Coding is my passion, and it's just as much fun now as it was when I got my first program to compile... 



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